The Garden (2013)

by George Lazarus

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released March 23, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


George Lazarus Toronto, Ontario

Minimalist Acoustic Rock

Music has been a passion of mine since I was very little.

I love creating, experimenting, and integrating sounds together.

Many artists inspire me, including, David Bowie, Nirvana, & The Rolling Stones.
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Track Name: The Garden
Like a fire burning up inside
Lily of the nile, a fertile spring.
Everybody’s gone to the garden to see
Everybody’s gone to the garden to seek
Everybody’s gone to the garden to seed
Track Name: Britpop
Tell me lass, what you want?
To sing some Britpop? I’ll buzz you Britpop
I never dwelled in London

Track Name: Beauty Bizzare
Beauty Bizarre, biting off & rollout

Wolf on the dash, seldom going slow
melancholic glass shatters on the paws

Woof, I’m a Jackal.
Track Name: Like A Pistol
Here’s my cannonball
Breaking through the wonderwall
Hey there Judy,
Your charm is soothing
Like a fine cheap wine
Cool leather in the summer time/autumn time/winter time/spring time
I Feel like a pistol
Shoot like a missile
Track Name: She Is The Ocean
Driving through all latitudes
Diving through all latitudes

She is the ocean
Vast like the Nile

The pursuit, what to do?
Guess my ship is crashing through.
Track Name: Wicked Witch
Voodoo doll, lodged firm in her south
She’s putting pins, In my mouth
Needled heart to her broom
Dragging through dust, rattle my bones

She got that voodoo style
Vision stretch for miles
Veins of black bile
She’s a, wicked witch
Track Name: Hide & Seek
wrote this song – string along - for you darling
but your hearing is gone – you can’t hear me sing

appetite, just like a virus
inside a thirsty iris
magnetized to these myelinated scars
mirror mine, mirror mine more

black gaze of greed –of greed
a little game of hide & seek
devilish things behind timber doors

num nana num na, um na na na na
Track Name: Licking Up Fire
Floatin’ like a dove
Crystal buoyant water
Why follow the flock, when it’s lined up for slaughter?
Slide away to the sun.
Licking up, fire
Track Name: Blue Velvet
Strip the palace of the queen
A robe, with nothing underneath
Aroma of vanilla sinks
Liquefy, ooze & leak
Blue velvet to lace the gun
Blue velvet, hit like diamond dust x2
She builds pyramids of cream
Hammer down till it’s clean
Launching like dynamite
Under a crimson satellite
Blue velvet when the morning come,
Blue velvet to lace my gun
Track Name: Fangs
I’m howlin’ at the moon
My body is vibrating
My eyes are locked down
My eyes are dilated
I was a baby
Soft as a snowflake
But Seasons Change
I’m growing in my fangs
Track Name: Black Spider
Tentacles latched on tight
Clinging slow
Hammock on the web
Gnaw away & commence

Black Spider when night falls
Cac-ca-cakle like a wolf